• Rafe Hardback

    Rafe Hardback

    When you finally find your mate and she’s not only human but your main suspect in a shifter-related crime, do you claim her? Or shackle her?

  • Devin Hardback

    Devin Hardback

    Take one feral shifter, add a woman willing to do anything for her family, then sit back and watch sparks fly.

  • Josh Hardback

    Josh Hardback

    When the woman of your dreams is a shifter and you’re not, does that make her forbidden or the ultimate prize?

  • Nic Hardback

    Nic Hardback

    When you stupidly walk away from your fated mate because she’s human and you’re not, do you win her back? Or take her back?

  • Ethan Hardback

    Ethan Hardback

    If you’re lucky enough to find two mates, don’t argue. Claim them. Before Fate takes one back.

  • Xander Hardback

    Xander Hardback

    After you find and lose your destined mate a few times, even an immortal alpha shifter has to consider he might be missing…something? Or maybe someone?

  • Anton Hardback

    Anton Hardback

    Love has no place in politics. Until a councilman falls in love.

  • Rick Hardback

    Rick Hardback

    I’m a lone wolf. A detective on the brink. A man with nothing to lose. Then I met her.

  • Ilan Hardback

    Ilan Hardback

    I’m a Royal. An ancient wolf shifter. An assassin. And I’ve been given an innocent human mate. There’s only one way this will turn out.

  • Uri Hardback

    Uri Hardback

    I never wanted a mate. I’m an immortal Royal shifter, a dedicated detective, my blind twin’s eyes. But she won’t leave me alone.

  • Kade Hardback

    Kade Hardback

    I’m alpha. Powerful. Feared. My fated mate is human. She has pigtails. Cartoon kitten t-shirts. And I need to learn how to sleep with one eye open.